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Our Story

Welcome to Doggy Bunch. A place where all dogs matter. Doggy Bunch was created by Alex. A dog lover who since childhood was always in love with dogs, and saw them as his best companion.

The true story began when as a child, Sandra was given a dog by her neighbour. A dog she would call Julie. Julie was a teddy bear breed with grey and white color fur that would melt anyone's heart by just looking at him. Over the ensuing months and year Sandra and Julie built an amazing relationship and became inseparable. Wherever Sandra went Julie went, and wherever Julie went Sandra went. They would spent mornings and evenings together and enjoy each others company, eating and playing together all day long. 

However as unpredictable as life can be, one day Sandra's father took Julie away without notice. His excuse was that Julie wasn't trained enough to go for potty and always made a mess in the house. Therefore Julie could no longer stay with them. But little was known to Sandra's dad that dogs need to actually be trained properly and be taken out for daily walks at-least a few times a day.

To make a long story short Julie was taken to Sandra's auntie house where she was only to visit Julie once a week. But ofcoarse that wasn't enough for Sandra and not being able to hang with his best friend everyday and take care of him like she used to, made Sandra very sad. 

So One day, excited as usual, and preparing to go see Julie, Sandra was told by her father that she couldn't go see little Julie that day. The reason; sure enough someone had left the door open and Julie had ran out and was nowhere to be found. 

Sandra was very saddened by this tragedy for a very long time. Years went by and when Sandra grew up, she always kept in mind, the amazing memories of her best friend, Julie. So one day out of passion, she decided to make a change. she decided to make it her goal to help every dog she could to live a happier and healthier life, alongside their owner. And that's how the birth of DoggyBunch came about, to enhance every dog's relationship with their owner by offering great quality products and outstanding service. 

At DoggyBunch Sandra has made sure to create a  place where dog owners can come and shop for their dogs with excitement and peace of mind, so their focus stays on growing their relationship with their amazing dogs and be happy together for a long time to come.

DoggyBunch offers only the best quality, and most effective dog supplies, dog products and dog accessories available online. Packed with the best customer service provided by a bunch of dog lovers, you guessed it, for a bunch of dog lovers like you!

Let's let the spirit of Julie strengthen all human-dog relationships in the world. And finally make all the doggy bunch lovers out there have an evermore quality time with their dogs for ever and ever. Woof Woof!  🐾


Woof Regards, 

Doggy Bunch Team.